About the lounge

The Youtalk Hangout Lounge is a live and virtual space that brings together a community of people for a time of full engaging and highly interacting discussions, stories and insights on issues like love and relationships, life and more. It’s kinda like a live show where the audience is both cast and guest.

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The Youtalk Hangout is an unscripted live talkshow, both physical and virtual, where the audience is the cast.

Why it's so special

It’s a conversation about social ideas over drinks. It’s like a Karaoke without the music. Just meaningful conversation and arguments. It’s like a talk show but unscripted. The audience is both the cast and guest. Conversation topics range from love and lust, adventures, passion and every other stimulating conversation. A mic (if available) is passed for anyone to give their opinion or respond to someone else’s opinion. Duration is for about 60-90 minutes.