Agents of Transformation

We’re crazy enough to believe we can transform the world.

Our Culture

Our culture is rooted in collaboration, creativity and a great sense of adventure. We’re one big global family prioritizing mentor-based leadership, strong community and utmost integrity.

Where it all began

2017: The Launch

What is now known as the Yolar Organization began as a small digital travel and lifestyle Magazine launched in September 16, 2017, in Abuja Nigeria. With the publication, we told the stories of places and their people – their dreams and hopes.

As we grew, our readers didn’t just want to read about adventures around the world, they wanted to experience them too. So another arm was birthed, Explore with Yolar, for exploring places around the world.

The development

2018: The tribe

We then discovered that these amazing people that loved to travel, and change the world in their own little way, needed a community of people just like themselves, and so on 11th September, 2018, the first online community was created on Facebook. And since then, we’ve grown into an amazing global community of adventurers changing the world, one adventure at a time.

Going forward

2020 - present: Transforming the world

From our days of humble beginning, we’ve further developed over 10 arms of impact across four broad categories – Community, Adventure, Leadership and Media – all geared towards providing resources, tools and platforms for the full expression of the human potential.

Our community has spread with footprints within Africa and beyond – transforming lives and communities all around us.

Our Creed

As a YTER (Yolar Tribe member), I pledge to never give up on my dreams, to constantly seek new adventures and avenues for growth, and to live to the fullest possible expression myself. I’ll live with no regrets knowing that I’ve given all of myself withholding nothing. I’ll always stand out, like a city set on a hill, shining my light and being a salt to the earth. I’ll see the world, I’ll conquer the world and I’ll change my world, while living for God.

Our why

We seek to ensure everyone lives their ‘why’ to the fullest. Only by breaking out of societal constructs and dogmas can one break into their own path. We want to see a generation of people living their true purpose by being both light and salt to the earth.

Why Adventure?


Because adventure inspires courage.

When you hit that road to travel, or engage in activities that puts a test on your physicality, stretches your mind, quickens your soul and challenges your spirit. I tell you, it inspires in you, courage. A courage that says, if I could conquer that road, that mountain, that challenge, then I can conquer anything. I can conquer my fears. I can live my dreams. I can fulfill my potentials. And when you begin to shine your light, you unconsciously give others permission to shine theirs too.

For us at Yolar, this is how to start a revolution. We want lives and society transformed, one adventure at a time.

The Revolution

Our revolution is not the one with guns and bullets, no. It is one of courage. And this is what adventure does, it inspires courage.

Because when it comes to courage, it is you listening to that voice of reason that keeps tugging the shirt of your heart, that says to you, ‘It can be done’. It is moving despite fear. It is about saying that there’s a message that must be heard, there’s a dream that must be pursued, there’s a purpose that must be lived.

We’re igniting the fire of passion and a life of purpose within people, and we’re lighting these fires all across Africa through YT-Hubs – across the world. We’re lighting it in Abuja, Lagos, Awka, Enugu, Calabar, Umuahia…  And we are not stopping till we light these fires all across Africa, where we set the hearts of many ablaze with a passion for their calling, and for God.