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We’re a city set on a hill, and we’re daring.


The Yolar Organization is on a mission to create the next generation of change-makers, transformational leaders, and purpose-driven adventurers who are living a life of intentional design by providing community members with platforms, programs and projects, as well as access to high-quality transformational materials, resources and experiences that prepares them for a life lived to its fullest potential.


We believe that the world needs a new approach to living. The world was created for man, not man for the world. Instead of designing systems, and forcing humans to fit into them. Systems have to be designed for the full expression of the powerful force of the human potential. Be it in education, governance, or industry, the world is yearning for non-conformers, and people who aren’t afraid of swimming against the tide – a city set on a hill.

Don’t ask yourself what the world needs. Ask yourself what makes you come alive and then go do that. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.

Howard Thurman


Our Purpose

Yolar is where global citizens are incubated to become all they can be, and then empowered to go all out, and live to the fullest possible expression of themselves. We believe adventure is a powerful tool for self-discovery, cultivation and actualization, so we provide resources, tools and platforms for community members to travel the world, live their dreams, and fulfil their potential.

Our Arms of Impact

Just like a tree with many fruit-bearing branches, our arms of impact and operations spread across media, community, adventure and leadership are designed to transform lives are society.

Be Storied Project (BSP)

Dare Challenge Campaign

Yolar Book Club

Lick Fingas

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We believe humanity can unlock a whole new level in their human experience by expanding their vision of themselves beyond their mental and social conditioning. At Yolar, we have platforms, projects and programs designed to create experiences that transform lives and society. We light the path, so you can walk on it.

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What next?

Imagine a world where everyone is living their full potential. Humanity needs a new approach, and Yolar is the solution. We’ve created a major channel of change – one that works – Adventure. We inspire courage in the hearts of people through adventure, and then provide resources and tools to empower and nitro-boost their walk through their paths.

We’ve built six hubs in Africa, with expanding footprints outside the continent as well.

Our story

Be Storied Project

While traveling the world in search of stories, we discovered that there were real voices that needed to be heard in areas where media representation is low. Stories of everyday people – of fishermen fighting for their lives everyday in the ocean so their families can eat, of a boy putting on masquerade costumes everyday after school and dancing for passersby just so he could afford his next school fees. 

Everyone has a story they want to tell. Everyone has a struggle they’ll like to share, and keeping that story bottled deep inside is nothing but anguish. Maya Angelou once said, “There’s no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” We bring a light to their stories, and by doing our part, we initiate a process where those in need of help can get help.


To see that the unrepresented are represented, and untold stories told. We believe in a world where everyone deserves to have their voices heard


Initiated by Chukwuka Chukwumerije in 2016 to help people get started on their dreams and projects assuming they knew they couldn’t fail.

Years ago, we launched the first episode of DARE. We hoped it would be a platform where dreams would be birthed and others achieved. Our expectation was exceeded. With participation from across four continents – Europe, North America, Asia and of course our darling Africa, it proved to be a huge success. It showed that as a people, we know we really want, and sometimes, all we need is a little push. DARE is that push.

We're now better

Since our launch in 2016, then as Possibility Challenge Campaign (PCC), we’ve held numerous campaigns, helping us gain insight into how to help our participants better. 

Each episode of DARE lasts for 30 days. So for 30 straight days, we channel all our focus and attention into starting anything you’ve always wanted to start. It could be writing a book, or waxing an album. It could be launching your own business or even founding your own organization. It could even be as ‘simple’ as trying to get closer to God, managing some certain emotions or finishing a book, learning a new skill or a musical instrument. Whatever! Just bring it on!

On our end, we do all we can to help you on your journey.


DARE challenge campaign runs smoothly because WE make it possible. DARE offers an opportunity for everyone to be part of us in enriching lives and helping people become dream achievers. The goal is to die with little or no regrets knowing you gave your all while you lived. Want to volunteer? 

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DARE Challenge is a global campaign to help millions of people around the world with dreams and goals become achievers in just 30 days.

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