Yolar Magazine set to relaunch its digital editions

Yolar Magazine, a digital travel and lifestyle magazine is set to relaunch its monthly and quarterly editions in April, 2021. The edition promises a whole new level of ‘advinfotainment’.  Advinfotainment is a digital experience specific only to Yolar. It’s our unique style of reporting and storytelling that combines adventure, information and entertainment to bring you ‘experience-only’ articles written by field experts, and stories brought to you based on deep study, research and even data analysis by the Yolar Editorial Team. Added bonus includes exclusive interviews into the minds of the people you admire. It’s kinda like having the voice of the thought leader and mentor in your pocket. However, it brings you the stories of everyday people in their little corners of the world, finding ways to conquer. This is what makes Yolar Magazine different.

Yolar Magazine focus on places and the stories of the people in those places – their hopes and dreams, and the many ways they conquer. Like the bole seller on the streets of Accra with 9 mouths to feed, and a happy home to go to. Like the fisherman in Ibeno, who spends days and nights at sea just to be able to afford his children the education he never had.


What Yolar sells isn’t just a magazine. Yolar sells hope, and a believe system. It sells courage. One that says that if he can do it, then I can too.


Yolar Magazine relaunch promises to be all these and so much more. Here are some covers of our previous editions:



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